Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse

Warehouse automation | Intelligent Warehouse | Automated Guided Vehicles | High storage density | Roboshuttle system | Smart Factory | Automated Robotic | Logistics Robot Technology ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Thank you for watching, please hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, welcome back to this new episode. In today's episode we will show you some most modern Warehouse and logistics technology. Innovation is more important than ever before. The amazing warehouse managment and storage system for a next level automation in this episode will blow your mind. Let me know which of the Clips from this video you like most. 0:11 1. ALIBABA GROUP | Cainiao's Intelligent Warehouse Homepage: Mail: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Lindedin: Youtube: 1:47 2. SSI SCHAEFER GROUP | Automated Guided Vehicles, Storage and Retrieval Machines Homepage: Mail: Facebook: Twitter: Lindedin: Youtube: 3:37 3. KNAPP AG | KNAPP-Store, High storage density, low storage location costs Homepage: Mail: Facebook: Twitter: Lindedin: Xing: Youtube: 5:17 4. F3 DESIGN BV | Nipper - internal pallet transport Homepage: Mail: Youtube: 6:40 5. GEEK PLUS | Geek+ Roboshuttle system with multiple mezzanine floors solution Homepage: Mail: Facebook: Twitter: Lindedin: Youtube: 7:24 6. YUDO GROUP | YUDO Smart Factory_CSC 2.0 Homepage: Mail: Facebook: Youtube: 8:46 7. BASTIAN SOLUTIONS | ULTRA: Automated Robotic Truck Loading and Unloading Homepage: Mail: Facebook: Twitter: Lindedin: Youtube: