The Secret to Finishing Concrete Ep.84

#StorageBuildingSlab #ConcreteSlab #MikeDayConcrete In this video I'm showing you how we pour a 4400 square foot concrete slab for a storage building. This kind of concrete slab is unique because of the notched edges. Storage buildings typically have a 1.5" x 10" bond out all the way around the perimeter on top of the slab. This (lower area) is where the walls are set. The main floor is higher (1.5") and the theory is if water were to get under the walls, the floor would remain dry because it's higher. We install quite a few of these larger concrete slabs in a year. Other than the notched edge, they're poured much like most other large concrete slabs. Let me know in the comments if you've ever seen a concrete slab like this and if you have installed any!! Want to start your own concrete flat work business? Sign up here to stay informed when I come out with my BUSINESS START UP PROGRAM: MY STAMPED CONCRETE COURSE: MY CONCRETE SLAB COURSE: FOUNDATION CRACK REPAIR COURSE: GARAGE EPOXY FLOOR COATING COURSE: VISIT MY WEBSITE: USE THE SAME TOOLS I DO: FLOOR FINISHING POWER TROWELS: MARSHALLTOWN SHOCKWAVE VIBRA-SCREED: TOPCON LASER LEVEL: DEWALT PENCIL VIBRATOR TOOL: INVERTER GENERATOR LIKE WE USE: BULLFLOAT: HAND FINISHING KNEE BOARDS: MAG FLOAT & STEEL TROWEL SET: 2" MARGIN TROWEL: CONCRETE PLACER OR KUMALONG: CONCRETE FINISHING BROOM: CONCRETE SCREED: CONCRETE EDGER: CONCRETE GROOVER: BOSCH HAMMER DRILL: MY RECOMMENDED TOOLS PAGE: SUBSCRIBE to my email list and get my FREE video guide on how to get the perfect broom finish on a concrete patio: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Follow my Facebook Page: