The King of Axes

Second Channel If you are ready to learn blacksmithing please check out our beginning blacksmithing course! This is a great hobby that anyone can do from home. It really doesn't take much space, and most of the tools are items you should acquire anyways! This course is something we put our heart and soul into, and we are very pleased to share it with you all. If you aren't ready to start blacksmithing yet just file this away for later! Second Channel Hoodies and T Shirts: Amazon Affiliate Links: Video Equipment and Misc. Main Camera Secondary Camera GoPro GoPro Tripod Microphone (for narration from office) Wireless Microphone Podcast Microphone Podcast Audio Recorder Tripod Favorite Camera Gear Case Nate's Favorite Sunflower Seeds Nate's Watch Best Pocketknife Ever 9 Things to know about hiring a contractor: